What Our Customers Say

“Reeee freaking diculous, the sound is killer, Todd and myself jammed for about an hour and the guitar knocked everyone’s socks off. It has all of this bloom and sustain and articulation in the notes of chords….WOW! ” — Bobby Schenck – On Tour with Slash



Beautiful Singing Metal


About our guitars..

We build a line guitars with aluminum bodies and beautiful hard rock maple necks. We utilize an old school lithographer's technique to etch art and design into the aluminum body. This creates a stunningly detailed, 3 dimensional work of art in the guitar.

Picture a silver dollar or a buffalo nickel and you'll have a idea of what we're getting up to..

It not only visual beautiful but beautiful to the touch.

One of our customer's custom builds

and this is what his reaction was:

"OMG!!! I’m speechless…this is crazy beautiful!"

Custom Built

This is our LMG3, Silver Dollar Paisley with Chrome Lace Sensors, a Graphtech Ghost System /Piezo in the bridge and our beautiful, deep rich etching.

... or like this.