What Our Customers Say

“Just got the LMG “T” today and it is gorgeous.” — Jeremy O Internet Purchaser LMG “T



Beautiful Singing Metal


About our guitars..

We build a line guitars with aluminum bodies and beautiful hard rock maple necks. We utilize an old school lithographer's technique to etch art and design into the aluminum body. This creates a stunningly detailed, 3 dimensional work of art in the guitar.

Picture a silver dollar or a buffalo nickel and you'll have a idea of what we're getting up to..

It not only visual beautiful but beautiful to the touch.

One of our customer's custom builds

and this is what his reaction was:

"OMG!!! I’m speechless…this is crazy beautiful!"

Custom Built

This is our LMG-T, Silver Dollar Paisley with Chrome Lace Sensors, a Graphtech Ghost System /Piezo in the bridge and our beautiful, deep rich etching.

What's the tone like?.... like this

... or like this.