Snake Bite and Ring…..

Make a amazing guitar, that is unique to metal – that is what we strive for and our Snake Bite, is a superb example of just that.

Working with two distinguished artists, Peter Braune, an practitioner of the ancient art of lithography and Jett Black Jackson, a custom jeweler to the rich and famous we’ve made a guitar and sterling silver ring set, that is really quite cool.

Old-School-Engraving 1

Craftsman Hand Engraved Telecaster

These guitars are a collaboration between Warren Smith and Liquid Metal Guitars. It is a hand engraved guitar, with beautiful old school engraved, chiseled and tapped patterns. Just like he has been doing on guns, knives and jewellery for years, his skill and knowledge of tradition go into this guitar.

Warren is a master craftsman, from his mountain side studio in Armstrong, B.C. he’s surrounded by a collection of small hand tools, hammers, chisels and a liberal dose of metal shavings. Tapping, cutting , filing and bending and of course engraving are the skills he uses to transform our raw metal into objects of desire.

Having seen some of his work and knowing that he has  worked in the jewellery trade for close to twenty years, we approached Warren to jointly create a new look for his aluminum bodied guitar. He jumped at the chance.



We’ve found a number of different very cool processes to make our guitars very “customer” unique.

Guys have been putting their own design ideas into these guitars. We’ve  put pics of wives, girlfriends ( never put these two on the same guitar ), dogs, parents, tattoos, celtic knots, old school scrolling,  24 carat gold plate, paisley pattern, snake skin, croc skin or famous faces. It ‘s really remarkable, what you can have etched into the guitar.I work with a couple of just dazzling’ artists that can put into original art work something you have rattling around in your brain. Something that you know would look just awesome.

Once we get the artwork down, we can get that onto the guitar.

Or your next guitar could  be chromed, gold plated, black chromed, etched, powder coated or anodized.